Ushuaia is located on the banks of the Beagle Channel and surrounded by the Martial mountain range, in a bay of unique beauty protected by the winds.
Its name comes from the Yámana language and is interpreted as "bay that penetrates towards the west". The department of Ushuaia has an area of ​​9,390 km2 (includes Island of the States and the Beagle Islands) and a population of 56,956 inhabitants, according to information from the 2010 National Population Census.

Ushuaia, is not only a small city at the end of the world, it is nature and adventure at its best. It is the southernmost urban center in the world, a source of inspiration and challenge, of myths and legends that endure even for those who never stepped on these lands or sailed the seas south of the South.

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Meaning of Ushuaia:

The word Ushuaia comes from the Yagan language: ush ('in the background') and waia ('bay' or 'caleta') and means 'deep bay or bay in the background'. The act of creation of the Subprefecture, in 1884, cites the name "Oshovia", one of the many orthographic variations of the word, whose name is "Ushuaian".


The entire southern region of Tierra del Fuego shares a climate of cold oceanic wet type where the extension of its coasts allows the moderating influence of the sea on the temperatures and the mountainous relief gives it its characteristic imprint.

The dominant winds of Ushuaia are channeled through the Beagle Channel from the southwest and the precipitations, in the form of rain or snow, are gradually discharged by their slopes.

One of the characteristic features of the climate of the area is its regularity throughout the year where there are no large differences between the seasons: there is no season where snow, ice or winds are not possible. This regularity, however, is not appreciated over a day. On the contrary, time is unstable and unpredictable during the same day, especially in spring and summer, with changes that allow you to live "the four seasons in one day" (Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring).


Average: Annual 5.3ºC - July 1ºC - January 9.1ºC
Extreme temperatures (1961-2017)
Maximum: 28.5 ° C. - Minimum: -13.8 ° C

How to get to Ushuaia?


There are direct flights from the city of Buenos Aires to Ushuaia. The flight time is around 3 and a half hours. The frequency varies according to the seasons, although there is always a minimum of one daily flight. There are also flights that connect it with El Calafate.

Ushuaia has an international airport, very close to the city center.


If you want to arrive by land you have to do it through ferries and through Chilean territory:

For First Narrowness (Punta Delgada - Blue Bay). The duration of the crossing is 30 minutes. The ferry departs every 30 'to 45' from 8.30 hs. until 10:15 p.m. This is the most used crossing throughout the year.
These frequencies correspond to the summer season. It is suspended due to low water or bad weather.

By Punta Arenas- Puerto Porvenir. The duration of the crossing is 2.30 hs. The hours are: Tuesday to Saturday 9 am. and domigos 9,30hs. The return is on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 2:00 p.m., Friday 15:30 p.m. and Sundays 17 hs. Again the schedules correspond to the summer season.

What to visit in Ushuaia?


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        Sea Kayak at Gable Island


        Among the destinations for sea kayaking in the Beagle Channel, the East offers a sense of freedom and distance from civilization that take us back in time to the era WHEN THE Yamana inhabited this remote part of the planet.

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            Between Sea and Mountains with snow shoes


            Dominating the southernmost city in the world, bordering the waters of the Beagle Channel, is the Martial Glacier. From its heights, the spectacular views of the bay of Ushuaia are unmissable scenarios for the winter visitor. This half-day tour allows…

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              Lakes Off-Road Winter


              During Winter, Ushuaia invites to enjoy the snow, to travel along white landscapes and to find shelter by a fire. Our tour offers a full-day of activities in the snow, in the mountain side and in the forest while on…

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                Trekking + Canoeing ( Winter)


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