El Chaltén

El Chaltén is located in the southern Andes, within the Los Glaciares National Park (Province of Santa Cruz), in a valley where the rivers De las Vueltas and Fitz Roy meet. Cerro Chaltén or Fitz Roy is the predominant figure in the landscape.

It is known worldwide as the Argentine Capital of Trekking for its multiple options for mountain sports in a natural setting without equal.

The infrastructure of services is very varied and in continuous growth. To sleep there are many accommodation options, being the hostels, some hotels, cabins and apartments the most popular. According to your needs you will also find camping sites, mountain huts, hotels and hostels. The local cuisine offers regional flavors and international cuisine in its restaurants, pizzerias, bars and tea houses.

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Meaning of Chaltén:

Its name is due to the mythical mountain that stands out from the rest of the peaks that surround it. Chaltén is a term of the Aonikenk language with which the ancient Tehuelches named this mountain they considered sacred. Its meaning is smoky mountain, because that is the impression it gives when the clouds are encolumnan with the wind at its top.


The town is in an ecoregion called ecotone, the transition between the steppe and the forest. The plain abruptly leads to a mountainous system with wooded valleys crossed by rivers and streams. The seasons are well defined during the year: in summer it is temperate with average temperatures of 12ºC, days with many hours of sunlight, usually windy and moderate rainfall. The winter is cold, with an average temperature of 2ºC, short days, little wind and sporadic snowfall which also allows some activities in winter.

The photos that illustrate our activities illustrate a landscape that makes El Chaltén a unique place for international tourism.

mapa turístico

Best Season:September to May
Popular Location: El Chaltén

El Chaltén Tours

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