Moreno Glacier & Navigation

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All about the Moreno Glacier & Navigation.

Located 80km away from El Calafate, “The Moreno” is the National Park’s host, where visiting its catwalks is actually a unique experience.

From the beginning, the trip holds pleasant surprises. On the village outskirts, it is possible to see the Argentino Lake on the right and its shallowest part, Redonda Bay (Rounded Bay), populated by a large variety of birds like black-necked swans, flamingos, steamer ducks, coots and Magellan gooses surrounded by yellow fields, due to the “coirones”, typical grass of Patagonian steppe.

The first 40km on the trip runs through the Patagonian steppe until getting to the National Park access gate. Over the next 26km, it is possible to appreciate the timberline formed by “high deciduous beech” trees, white oak trees, “low deciduous beech” trees and some cinnamon trees. Flowers of several colours can be appreciated too, being the “fire bush” the one that stands out the most due to its deep red colour. All of them are typical Andean-Patagonian forest species.

Facing the glacier every aspect is majestic.

The catwalks are divided in 3 circuits: Central Balconies: 600mts (1.968 feet, including 1st balcony, 2nd balcony and Northern balcony); Lower Balcony: 1.100mts (3.609 feet, including Lower balcony) and Coast’s  Balcony: 1.117mst (3.665 feet, from parking area up to the Northern Balcony), all of them alternating with resting and panoramic balconies. The route of the visit will be closely related to weather conditions and participants’ willingness and physical conditions; the available time to walk through and visit the catwalks is 1 to 3 hours.

There is an elevator available for disabled persons that leads to the First balcony, point where the Accessible Pathway begins, extending to 565mts (1.854 feet).

The excursion could be organized as a regular or private tour, being usually a full day program.  The visit makes it possible to have different viewpoints of the glacier and enough time for lunch (not included) and for an optional navigation on to approach to the glacier’s southern front.

Services must be accompanied by a licensed National Park’s guide.

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